How to Earn Money From Zomato ?

zomato earning
zomato earning

 Zomato is India’s largest online food ordering platform  and is present in almost all cities of the country

zomato earning
zomato earning

If you are willing to make a significant amount of money, then you can definitely consider being as a Zomato Delivery Boy. You may be student willing to make mon
part-time or the one who wants, a full-time job immediately, you can consider this
delivery job and get zomato earning .

The best part about this job is that anyone can join it. There is no qualification
required to become a delivery partner with zomato earning. All you need to be able to read basic English

To join as a Zomato Delivery Boy, many people have a lot of questions like how to

join as a Zomato delivery boy? What are timings for part-time and full-time Zomato
delivery boy? And how much I can make money as a Zomato delivery boy ?

In this article, we describe all the details related to

1. Joining Process

2. Documents

3. Salary

4. Incentives

5. Payment

6. Orders

7. Ratings

8. Conditions

9. Advantages

10. Disadvantages

zomato earning
zomato earning

 How To Join As A Zomato Delivery.
Boy and earn zomato earning

The following are the requirements to enroll for the delivery boy. Documents Required To Join Zomato as a Delivery Boy

  1.  1. Aadhar Card (Identity Proof)
    2. PAN Card
    3. Driving License
    4. Bike RC
    5. Bank Passbook (Account Details)
    6. Cancellation Cheque

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Other Extra Things Required

1. Two Wheeler (Bike/Scootèr/Activa/cycle)
2. Driving License
3, Android Phone with internet (A smart phone for installing the app which helps
you to track orders)


Age Limit. The company has not specified any age limit if you want to join Zomato.
However, your age must than 18 years of age if you want to a job as a Zomato
delivery boy

zomato earning
zomato earning

 The Process To Join Zomato

The joining process of Zomato for delivery boy is very simple and takes only 5 to 6
One can simply visit the Zomato recruitment center with required documents, join
it and start working from same day or next day, There is no interview and explain
the job responsibilities, salary structure and give app training

There is no online application from it you want to work in Zomato. if your city has a
Zomato office, then you can consult from them; However, there is no office in many

The best method is to consult a boy who is already working in Zomato. He will
provide you the contact details of the authorized person. You can call or ping him to
tell them about your qualification and other details.
Need to pay – Rs.1000 (Amount may be flexible area to area) You will get 1 Bag and
2 T-shirts
Once you get selected, they will provide you the link for downloading the official
app delivery boy use app -not available in play Store, you will get Login ID &
Password. You can follow the rules of the company and easily make money by this
If you mist the above requirement then you can easily become a delivery partner
with Zomato
For new joiners experience delivery partner with you for 2 to 3 hours to complete 3
to 4 orders delivery (Only one day training)

Timings For Zomato Delivery Boy

When it comes to the timing of the delivery boy in Zomato, you will be surprised to
know that there is no fixed time
You can option the working hours that suit you best. However, it is essential to work
at least 4 hours a day. If you want to earn more, then you must definite give more
time. Even some of the guys work for 15 to 16 hours daily in the urge of earning more.
It also provides the preference for location of work and the freedom to choose the
shift ps well. There is a choice to choose between day and night shift as well.

Duty Of Zomato Delivery Boy

1. Responsible for collecting the food from restaurant
2. Ensure safe delivery of food items at the customers place on time
3. Cross check if correct food items are picked up and delivered
4. Responsible for collecting the right amount of payment from the customers
(Some customers pay online and some pay cash on delivery)
5. Should be able to speak local language
Zomato Delivery Boy Salary.
Earning Overview in General
Per Order – Rs. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 (Flexible amount depends on
Daily,Faring – Rs.200, 250, 300, 350, 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1600
(Depends on orders)
Festivals – Rs.1500 Above

Amount You Get On Each Delivery  and earn zomato earning

The distance of the location to which you deliver the food defines the amount you
get. Each site consists of two touch points.
The first one is the pickup point which is the place where you get food like a
restaurant. The next point is the site where you need to deliver the food to the
customer known as a drop point.

To get to the pickup and drop point, you will get Rs.20. The company will pay you covering the distance. It means that you will receive at least Rs.40 on each delivery that you do

> Pickup – 1 point
> Drop -1 point
[Per delivery -2 points]
> Pickup – 20

>Drop – 20
[Per delivery 40]
Distance Payout – fixed distance pay
If the distance exceeds 4.5km from restaurant and customer, then you
The following are the details of the extra amount that you receive


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